We are a 'Blizzlike' server, that means we will try hard to emulate as close as we can the experience of playing in a Blizzard server. We are not a fun server, but we have added a few customizations that we think will make the game more active. All this without breaking the Cataclysm mechanics that we love.

  • XP rates x1
  • Money rates x1
  • Item rates x1
  • Profession rates x1
  • Recruit a friend
  • Character Services
  • Warden anticheat
  • Player Recruitable Bots
  • Solo dungeons and raids (They auto scale down or up)!!
  • Extras:
  • Double XP weekends
  • Custom Events

  • Implemented Features:
    Vmaps (Vector Maps) - Accurate collision data.
    Mmaps (Movement Maps) - Accurate line of sight checks and movement paths for creatures.
    Anticheat - Brand new custom-built anticheat system.